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Unexpected Adventurer, Business Leader & Brand Expert

Motivational Speaker | x2 World Record Breaking Rows | Forbes 30 Under 30

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Prepare to be inspired as you embark on a journey through the life and accomplishments of Bella, a true force of nature. With her spirit of adventure and unwillingness to let self-doubt hold her back, Bella has become a relatable role model for aspiring leaders and adventurers alike.

Without any previous experience in rowing or endurance events, Bella rowed across both the Atlantic and mid-Pacific Oceans, breaking three world records along the way. A true trailblazer, her expeditions have earned her global recognition on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

But Bella’s abilities extend far beyond the seas; Bella is also successful in the business world. With her entrepreneurial acumen, she has lead marketing teams on both sides of the Atlantic and

is currently Brand & Strategy Director at award-winning, sustainable packaging start-up, Flexi-Hex.

What sets Bella apart is her unique perspective, rooted in leading teams both on the water and in the office. Bella shares riveting tales of adventure, intertwining them seamlessly with invaluable lessons on leadership, teamwork, and personal growth.


Through her engaging presentations, she ignites a fire within each listener, encouraging them to overcome challenges, believe in themselves, and foster happier, more empowered teams.



From inspiring online "lunch and learns" to in-person keynote talks and interactive panels at trade events, Bella is passionate about sharing the lessons she's learnt from her expeditions and professional career to date.


Key themes include building a happy and resilient team, the importance of clear values; cultivating a culture of kindness; prioritizing consistency over perfection; embracing change and transforming self-doubt into a motivating force.


Bella empowers founders, start-ups and SMEs by delivering crucial support. Her experience in strategy, goal setting, project management, effective communication, and brand marketing enables her to help businesses pave the way for success.



Based in Cornwall, available internationally


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